The Gundam Wiki

You might have heard of Wookieepedia. It is an online encyclopedia for fans of Star Wars, made by the fans themselves. I believe many of you would have at least heard of it, given it’s immense popularity. There’s also Memory Alpha, the Star Trek equivalent.

Now, have you heard of the Gundam Wiki? It was meant to be a Gundam equivalent of Wookiepedia. However, things haven’t gone too smoothly due to the work load required to get the wiki into decent shape. To make matters worse, there was a wave of deletion fever raging through the Wikipedia community. Many of the people there deemed the information on Gundams too detailed. It isn’t something that would interest the general public, or so they say. Hence, many of the articles on Wikipedia were flagged for deletion for going in depth about fictitious topics. Others that contained too much details were flagged for an overhaul.

Out of fear of losing these information, the Gundam fans started to trans-wiki (meaning to transfer the article from one wiki to another) the Gundam articles to the Gundam Wiki. All they cared about was preservation of the information. Even if the formatting differed on Wikipedia and the Gundam Wiki.

The difference between the Gundam Wiki and Wikipedia is the flexibility of the Gundam Wiki. There, you do not need to worry about losing the articles. It is made just for information on Gundam. While you can only list certain minor characters on the general character page on Wikipedia, you are allowed to have a full page on the character on the Gundam Wiki.

If you own a site, do help out the Gundam community by spreading the word about the Gundam Wiki. Even a simple link from your blog or facebooks could lead others to know more about and help out with the Gundam Wiki.


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