Gundam Crisis details revealed

The official website for Gundam Crisis has opened its story, download, and “Gundam Mania II” shop sections with more details on this amusement park attraction that will feature the first 18-meter (59-feet), life-size Gundam model. The attraction will open at Fuji-Q HighLand, the theme park located at the foot of Japan’s Mt. Fuji. It will include all-new 3D CG mechanical animation and 2D character animation from the same Sunrise staffers that worked on Fuji-Q’s the Ride attraction, the Gundam Evolve DVD videos, and the SD Gundam Force television series.

The story takes place during the first Mobile Suit Gundam series’ One Year War, when the title Mobile Suit robot RX-78-2 Gundam is hangared at the Solomon space fortress for an upgrade. The Earth Federation engineer Dr. Mosk Han is applying magnetic coating to Gundam’s joints to improve its maneuverability. The attraction visitors play Han’s team members as they are given mission objectives on “VQ Divider” handheld digital tablets and ordered to rush the Gundam’s upgrade in time for the battle “outside.” Only the visitors who complete the upgrade mission can enter the Gundam’s cockpit.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the Gundam.

Image taken from Yahoo! News


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