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  1. Hi there,

    There is a new comic-inspired virtual world that I’d like to give you more information about. Please see below:

    Comic fans get more edge from new virtual world

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL – September 18, 2008

    ShanghaiPop Interactive recently launched the beta version of the MechTechs virtual world at the Virtual World Expo in L.A. The MechTechs virtual world offers a more immersive experience with an edgier look than other comic-inspired virtual worlds.

    “The MechTechs.com backgrounds are rendered to look more realistic and more like an anime movie. It’s not like a typical 2.5 world where the views are mostly overhead, it shows more of the whole environment and gives a more immersive experience,” said Scott Ownbey, Creative Director of MechTechs.com and CEO of ShanghaiPop Interactive.

    The site will establish an online presence for MechTechs, a new manga series being developed by ShanghaiPop Interactive, by creating a loyal community for the MechTechs brand and providing fans with a portal to the larger universe of the series. This new e-marketing venture will allow users to develop manga-type avatars, or “mangatars,” a niche of online personalities created by ShanghaiPop Interactive.

    The final version of the site, to be released in October, will allow manga fans to use the latest virtual 2.5 and 2.0 technologies to create customized comics. Fans will be able to insert their mangatars into expansive, predesigned comic page templates with themes similar to those of other popular comics.

    ShanghaiPop Interactive plans to extend its capabilities to promote entertainment properties of various genres. Shanghai Pop will work with companies to evaluate market trends, design a working business model and properly position the company’s brand within the virtual world context.

    Check out the beta version of the MechTechs world at: http://www.mechtechs.tv/beta/vw/cleveland/cleveland.html

    About ShanghaiPop Interactive

    ShanghaiPop Interactive, an Interactive Art Services company, specializes in providing visual solutions for our clients. Our capabilities are broad – from illustration, animation and storyboards to virtual world creation – we create a range of interactive media in the style that caters to our clients’ needs. From 2-D cell and Flash to 3-D animation, our artists deliver exceptional results with incomparable artwork.

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